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Chicken Invaders 4 Xmas
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  • Size
  • 26 MB

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  • v1.02ggl

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  • English

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Andrvydyna » Android game » Social » دنلود Chicken Invaders 4 Playing Chicken Xmas v1.02ggl Space

دنلود Chicken Invaders 4 Playing Chicken Xmas v1.02ggl Space

Android 2.3.3 Or higher

Description ۵م تیر, ۱۳۹۲

Chicken Invaders 4 New and updated version of Xmas.

Chicken Invaders 4 Xmas در این بازی زیبا و جالب شما باید با سفینه ای که گم شده اید از دست مرغ های مهاجم فضایی خلاص بشید و آن ها را سرنگون کنید… Progress is also a director and Ron's Chicken and Hmbrgrayy you should blow that made him always eat!
But you need the eggs that the chickens are thrown on your head instead of your empty.
You have very strong weapons like Laser, Electric, Missile and… Both are expandable
Are.Story This is going to land you must go into space, lost in a severe and harassing you every step of the chickens in the sand.

ویژگی ها Chicken Invaders 4 Xmas:

Great excitement
Lots of guns
Chicken of Space
Challenging process
Bird foods!
Beautiful graphics and atmosphere



Pictures of the surroundings



Demands linked

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