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ES File Explorer File Manager
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دانلود ES File Explorer File Manager 3.0.5 File Management

Android 1.6 And up

Description ۲۰م تیر, ۱۳۹۲

ES File Explorer File Manager The most beautiful and most powerful file management program

ویژگی ها ES File Explorer File Manager:

File Manager (Copy, insert, move, create, delete, rename, upload or share)
Ability to select multiple files or folders
Management programs (Installation, removal, backup, create shortcuts, and …)
Zip Manager (Create ZIP files, open RAR files and Expand)
Find a file or folder
Connect to PC via WiFi
FTP connection
Send and receive files via Bluetooth
امکان Kill Task

Add Language: Polish,Swedish
Post to Google Drive Support,Skydrive,Dropbox



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