English language learning software 15-step B15


One way to succeed in language learning Use By Lightner Dr. Leitner is a very simple way, he believed that three of sending information from short-term memory into long-term memory plays an essential role 1. Census recurrence 2. Anytime between recurrence 3. Precise focusing on units of data that are difficult to deposit Memory. B15 The three steps to fully manage the . After some time working with B15 Do you feel that your memory power so far have been completely unaware of the hidden power of your being, you will be amazed .


Khan Wars – Best Strategy Games


Your strategic skills in the world of medieval strategy game prove. Only the best will survive until the end. ...

Khan Wars is a free online game The medieval world where players battle, fame and success is what comes first. Players can use the 12 Breed in the game, select one and follow the path to victory. There are over 23 Combat units, knights and siege machines give players the ability to take down hundreds of different strategies. This game is the first game with a Persian breed Persians and the special unit is Arash.


Screenshots of the program / game:
تصویر 1تصویر 2تصویر 3

Android game » Assemblage

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Emir Says: Reply 11 Persian date Farvardin 1393

Hi, I plead with you, let her copy mode .. Thanks

Omid Says: Reply 17 Persian date Khordad 1393

esmiiiii boooooD dametoooN jiiiiiiiiiZ ♥

Mohammed Hassan Says: Reply 9 Persian date Mordad 1393

نسخه جدید ورژن ۱٫۷۱٫۱ اومده لطفا بزارید.

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