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Afrynk children's virtual world

افرینک دنیای مجازی بچه های ایران

Screenshots of the program / game:
تصویر 1تصویر 2

Android game » Social

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Fill out all the required / Your email is displayed only for administrator. Says: Reply ۳۱ خرداد ۱۳۹۴

اقا چرا اجرا نمیشه میگه

میگه you dont purchase this app.

Spirituality Says: Reply ۴ مهر ۱۳۹۴

سلام.حتما دیتا رو یا ناقص دان کردین یا اشتباهی ریختین.اون پیام معنیش اینه که میخواد دیتا رو دان کنه ولی تا وقتی که حافظه داخلی زیادی نداشته باشین،دان نمیکنه

mohammad Says: Reply 25 Persian date Esfand 1393

سلام اگه میشه نسخه مود شده رو هم قرار بدید.
Great Sayttvn

Moeen Maleki Says: Reply 15 Persian date Esfand 1393

Hello Do not bother
1.9.5 version coming Bzarynsh Please sites

Good Bagheri Says: Reply 22 Persian date Dey 1393

Oh Lord,
This new version Morro culture

alireza Says: Reply 1 Persian date Azar 1393

This game is pretty great.

Ali Says: Reply 3 Persian date Mehr 1393

Whats up Yzaryd Shdsh existing but thanks Polje

araz Says: Reply 31 Persian date Shahrivar 1393

When I run the game writes (Unfortunately ceased shadow fight 2)

Good Bagheri Says: Reply 11 Persian date Dey 1393

Why I stopped putting
What do Morro Pychvndn
Andrvydmm version 4.2.1.ast
Asus is, but I have stopped putting Tbltmm

مدیریت | CYB3R Says: Reply 11 Persian date Dey 1393

Look forward to the new version ./

Good Bagheri Says: Reply 13 Persian date Dey 1393

Thank you very much Director John
Stay healthy and energetic

does not Says: Reply 27 Persian date Mordad 1393

Fine for me

alijoon Says: Reply 19 Persian date Mehr 1392

There was a game?

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