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Afrynk children's virtual world

افرینک دنیای مجازی بچه های ایران

Screenshots of the program / game:
تصویر 1تصویر 2تصویر 3

Android game » Assemblage

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mohammad Says: Reply ۲۲ تیر ۱۳۹۴

من نسخه مود رو دانلود کردم ولی فقط یه صفحه ی سفیدمیاد بالا

333 Says: Reply 26 Persian date Aban 1393

Police gave the old fashion Shdsh too Mskhrst

Ramin Says: Reply 21 Persian date Khordad 1393

I bought all I sit Mashynashv your game so you do not show them, do not follow fashion Shdsh is surrender to God

Murad Says: Reply 12 Persian date Ordibehesht 1393

're 39 meg, but 41 Mage!:D

Mohammed Says: Reply 11 Persian date Ordibehesht 1393

I survived Cyber-mode version of the same place;)

ali77live Says: Reply 11 Persian date Ordibehesht 1393

Who Myzaryd Mvdshv ?????????

Mohammed Says: Reply 7 Persian date Ordibehesht 1393

Fashion Shdsh:(

Alireza Masroor Says: Reply 6 Persian date Ordibehesht 1393

Fashion Shdshv Nmyzaryn?

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